Winter Most Wanted List

Are you looking for a little more in depth information as to what exactly we are looking for?
Please read the following for the specific details on all the great winter gear we carry in our stores.



A fresh tune up on the bases and edges goes a long way towards the saleability and value of your ski and snowboard gear.  It is worth your time to bring us tuned, ready to shred gear.  Dried out and scratched up bases make your ski and snowboard gear worth less $$$.

  • Alpine Skis-  Alpine ski gear has a saleability period of about a decade.  Don’t delay if your skis are aging!  We obviously don’t take old straight skis and even the first generation shaped skis from the late 90’s and early 2000’s are impossible to sell with as far as ski technology has come in the past 10 years.  We will not sell non-indemnified alpine ski bindings.  We have the list and will check to make sure your bindings can be tested and adjusted by a ski shop.  If you are not sure, bring them by and we are happy to take a look.
  • Alpine Touring Skis.  We can make these vaporize for you!  They are in very high demand and a relatively low supply means these are a HOT commodity!  Anything that has a Dynafit or Fritschi type touring binding is solid gold in our store.
  • XC skis.  Cross country skis sell very well.  Especially skate skis.  We move through a ton of them.
  • Telemark skis.  Telemark is becoming a more difficult sell with the rise of AT skis.  However, we still sell a ton of set ups.  Especially if they come complete with skins and have more modern bindings on them.
  • Kid’s skis.  We sell nearly 100% of the kids skis that come in. They don’t sit around long.
  • Snowboards.  Split boards for backcountry are in very high demand.  As are newer set-ups for the resort.




  • Alpine Boots and Bindings.  Alpine boots are salable from about the late 1990’s on.  Please make sure they have insoles in them even if you have to throw a set in from some old running shoes.  If there aren’t insoles in the boots, it drastically affects the fit of the boot in a negative way.  In other words, they are harder for us to sell and we don’t have a stockpile of insoles to provide.  Alpine bindings not attached to skis do sell well, but need to be indemnified.
  • AT Boots and Bindings.  AT boots, just like skis are hot sellers.  Especially if they have the tech fittings that make them compatible with Dynafit type bindings.  AT bindings move out the door quickly!
  • XC Boots and Bindings.  XC boots sell very well.  We want current binding systems like NNN and SNS, but are in desperate need of 3-pin boots.  We have more 3 pin skis and bindings than boots.  We can surely find these a home.  We hardly ever see loose XC bindings not attached to skis, but if you have them, we can sell them.
  • Tele Boots and Bindings.  Tele boots need to be newer.  First generation plastic tele boots from the 1990’s are a tough sell.  Plastics have come a long way in the past few decades and newer boots sell much better.  The venerable blue Scarpa T2’s are totally salable, but ones older than that probably aren’t.  We are still able to sell some older leather Asolo and Merrell types.  Bring those in.  As far as Tele bindings go, a set of old Riva’s are going to be a tough sell, but the red G3 Targas, 22 Designs, and any binding with a touring pivot like a Voile Switchback or Black Diamond O2 will move right out the door.
  • Kid’s boots.  Kid’s boots vanish from our shelves at an astonishing rate.  Got some the kiddie has outgrown?  We will make them go away to a new home.  We don’t expect to see loose kids binding very often, but they will sell if they come in.
  • Snowboard Boots and Bindings.  Snowboard boots need to have the inner boot lace system.  Bindings sell much better if they have the toe cap strap on them, but we will take older models.  We do not accept step in binding systems.  They are past their prime.  The only “step in” bindings we do take are Flow bindings and those sell very well.




  • Poles.  We sell hundreds of pairs every year.  It’s mind boggling actually.  If you have poles to sell, we’ll make them go away.  Alpine, XC, snowshoe, and adjustable backcountry poles. If there are two of them, one end is pointy and the other has a handle with a strap, we can sell them.
  • Climbing Skins.  We will sell older, narrow skins.  However, newer skins that are cut for skis which are at least 90mm or 100mm underfoot are worth a lot more.
  • Snowshoes.  YES PLEASE!  One of our hottest sellers.  Their shelf life is measured in hours or days, not weeks or months.
  • Goggles.  We sell all sorts.  From cheapie kids goggles with a brown lens to the new spherical lens models from the best companies.  We sell all types of them.  Yes, they can have a few scratches, but the price will be affected by the condition.
  • Helmets.  Everybody needs a helmet and we sell a lot of them.  From kids to adults.  The buckle and rear adjuster on the back of the helmet (if it has one) needs to be working.  All the padding and insulation needs to be present.  Helmets can not have any impact damage.  We always are in need of large and extra large adult helmets.  We never seem to have enough of those.
  • Hats and Gloves.  Piles come in and piles go out.




Some of this we are going to get picky on.  After all, we are talking about life or death situations.  What’s our litmus test?  If we wouldn’t personally venture into the backcountry with somebody using the equipment you brought in to sell, we won’t take it.

  • Beacons- Must be 2 antennae and digital.  We will not sell old analog models.  Honestly, the two antennae beacons only have a few years left.  The new 3 antennae models are so much better.  So if you are thinking about upgrading from say a BCA Tracker DTS to a newer model, do it now and get that older model sold with us.  We many not take them in a year or two.
  • Shovels- Must have a metal blade.  We will not sell plastic shovels.  Period.
  • Probes- Must be 265cm minimum. The new standard is 330cm.  Once again, if you are going to upgrade, do it now.
  • Backpacks- Ski/snowboard specific packs that are made to carry equipment up hill sell very well.  Especially ones that have an Avalung system.  The Avalung is being replaced by balloon packs, but they certainly still have their place.  Balloon packs are highly desirable and if you are upgrading yours, we will find your old one a home in a heartbeat.
  • Snow Study Accessories.  Things like snow saws, slope angle readers, and snow study kits.




PLEASE!  Throw your clothing through a basic wash at minimum.  Even better would be to do a Nikwax waterproofing wash on anything that is supposed to be waterproof.  We can note that on the tag in the store and it will sell faster for more money.  If you bring in dirty clothing to sell, we may very will not take it or severely discount the selling price.  Like by half.  Dirty clothing doesn’t sell and all we can do is make it cheaper.  Please bring in CLEAN items!

  • Ski Jackets
  • Gore-tex Shells
  • Rain Jackets
  • Softshells
  • Down and Synthetic Puffys
  • Fleece
  • Base Layers
  • Merino Wool!
  • Ski Pants
  • Rain Pants
  • Kids Clothing
  • Hats
  • Gloves
  • Winter Boots like Sorels

The Fall Blowout Sale is Here!

Greetings fellow gear junkies.  The seasons they are a changin’ and it’s time to move all the summer inventory outta here to make way for the winter gear.  On Labor Day weekend, nearly the entire store goes on sale! The sale begins on Friday, September 2nd at 10am.  The sale is going on at both the Boise and Eagle locations.

  • Soft goods will be 30% off the lowest marked price!  Basically if you wear it, it’s 30% off.  This includes all casual clothing, hiking boots, trail runners, sandals, and bike clothing.
  • Hard goods will be 25% off the lowest marked price!  This includes all camping gear, backpacks, bike parts, bike racks, whitewater gear, electronics, and some fishing gear.

As with any sale, some exclusions apply.  Complete bikes, climbing gear, hunting gear, and some dry suits are not on sale. However, we are probably willing to wheel and deal a little bit on them.


See you Labor Day weekend!


P.S. Both stores will be closed for the holiday on Monday.