We Consign and Sell Quality New and Used Outdoor Adventure Gear

Backcountry Pursuit opened in downtown Boise on November 3rd back in 2012 with the mission of selling high quality used outdoor equipment and apparel. The business took off like a rocket and after only two years in business, we were able to open a second location in Eagle, ID on December 14, 2014. Major changes next happened in the spring of 2018. We decided to close our Eagle location after three and half years of business so we could focus on our newly expanded Boise store where we grew to over 6000 square feet. We added a full service bike tune shop and many new retail items. We rebranded to Boise Gear Collective at that time to better state what we do.

We’ve been rated highly by our customers, consignors, and peers and have a very passionate fan base. Having been in business for more than five years, we have years of happiness and dedication to continue to share with our loyal customers in the area.

Boise Gear Collective strives to provide quality consigned outdoor equipment to casual and avid adventurers and outdoor enthusiasts in Idaho. We only choose the best equipment to sell in our store – and as it turns out, many outdoorsmen and women in the area have great equipment ready to sell. We also carry a carefully curated selection of new retail items that are only the best and most desirable in the business.

Mountain and road bikes, camping equipment, kayaks, loads of ski and snowboard gear – you name it, we’ve got it. Boise Gear Collective also has a great selection of casual and technical outdoor clothing, footwear, and accessories like sunglasses, hats, and gloves. We'll even sell used wool socks.

Consignors who have sold their equipment through our stores have been able to benefit from our great rates and store credit incentives which may be redeemed on used or new retail items. You might’ve purchased new gear and still have the old stuff lying around. You may have given up on a sport. Your kid's probably outgrew their ski gear from last year. Whatever the case may be, you should consider giving us a shot to find your old gear a new home. I always tell folks, "We make our percentage for making it easy!

Whether you’re looking to find affordable gear to buy or you’re ready to sell a couple of gently used items, you can come to our shop and we'll take care of you. Our inventory is always changing, so be sure to keep up with our selection by swinging in often. New items hit the floor every day!

Meet the Team

Tyson Stellrecht

My name is Tyson and I am the creator of the awesomeness called Boise Gear Collective. It's my baby. I started it with my blood, sweat, tears and the few dollars I was able to scrape together. No partners. No investors. Just me. I work my ass off to make Boise Gear Collective the best Secondhand Outdoor Adventure Gear shop anywhere. Not just in the Treasure Valley.

I grew up in Wisconsin and bailed outta there when I was 18. I wasn't ready for college so I ended up in Breckenridge, CO where I spent the next five years snowboarding, climbing mountains, and living the good life. I was always broke and occasionally homeless, but very happy. I bagged over 650 days of snowboarding and 24 14ers while I was there. After that, I got a few associate degrees and tried having a career for awhile. That's what brought me to Boise in July of 2008. After five years of rat race, I needed to vacate that company. I still liked what I did, but changing companies required changing states and that wasn't acceptable. I had fallen in love with Idaho. So, I did what anybody would do. I bet my life on Boise Gear Collective.

Simply put, I get after it in the outdoors. I'm not a pro level athlete by any stretch of the imagination, but I tackle some serious outdoor objectives. I probably spend 60+ nights in a tent per year doing all sorts of different adventuring stuff. I've got over 60k miles of adventure/dual sport motorcycling riding some of the most badass dirt roads across the western US from Baja, Mexico, to WA, to CO and everything inbetween. I've been all over Idaho. I've canyoneered a bunch of the poster slot canyons in UT and AZ like Heaps, Lower Water Holes, and West Canyon. I snowboard, alpine ski, and telemark ski. I pick my poison depending on what the conditions are doing and where I am sliding that day. I backcountry ski as much as I possibly can and I am fascinated by snow science and the study of avalanches. The other ski days are spent at Bogus Basin supporting our awesome local mountain. I'm well over 1000 days lifetime on the mountain and I'm only in my mid 30s. I get several long multi day backpack trips in every year and a bunch of weekend trips. I climb, but not well. I ride a mountain bike very slowly uphill and probably too fast downhill. Lately, I have become hooked on rafting. When 2016 comes to an end, I'll have done runs on the Main Owyhee, Lochsa Big Water Blowout, Jarbidge/Bruneau, Grande Ronde, Selway, and Main Salmon. There's also a bunch of high and low water Grand Jean, Canyon, Staircase, and Main runs on the Payette. I get after it in the outdoors. I have tons of recommendations on places to go and I am happy to share with anyone who asks.

When it comes to gear, I'm a whore. A huge gear whore. I am fascinated by the technology that goes into it and keep up with all the latest advancements. I also have a ton of knowledge about the history and generations gear that have preceded the latest and greatest. I talk gear all day long at the shop and when I get home I am still screwing around on websites like Outdoor Gear Lab reading about gear. Once again, I am happy to share any knowledge I have with anyone who asks. I have an entire room in my house built out to house and organize all my gear. Checklists are dialed and honed and I can be ready for most any trip in an hour or less. Boise Gear Collective is my life. Whether it is running the store or actually pursuing the backcountry, Boise Gear Collective, or the pursuit thereof is my life.

Trevor Thornton

I'm Trevor and like any true Idahoan, I live for the outdoors. I spent my teenage years absolutely obsessed with mountain biking, then shifted gears to more backpacking and exploring the mountains of Idaho on foot. That eventually turned into scrambling and mountaineering, and eventually technical rock climbing, which is what I am now most passionate about. These days, my idea of fun is being absolutely terrified trad climbing in remote and beautiful places like the Sawtooth Mountains, the Utah deserts, or in the mountains of British Columbia.

During the few months of winter where rock climbing opportunities are few and far between, I retreat up into the mountains to ski. I learned to ski at Bogus Basin 15 years ago and haven't stopped skiing dozens of Bogus days a season since, although the past few seasons I've been delving deeper and deeper into the wonderful world of backcountry skiing.

These next few months, my big plans are to climb a number of routes on the Elephants Perch, do some backpacking in various ranges in Idaho, and then send some big stuff in Yosemite.

James Blakely

Hi I'm James aka The Sunshine Wolverine. The first thing you should know about me is that I absolutely love wolverines (Gulo gulo, not Hugh Jackman). I find them to be absolutely fascinating creatures. I have yet to see one in the wild but really looking forward to the day I do.

Moving on....

I grew up in a small town in Western Washington near Mount Rainier National Park. Trips into the park and salmon fishing on Puget Sound instilled in me a great passion for outdoor adventure and conservation. In 2005 I made my way over to the University of Idaho in Moscow to pursue a degree in Environmental Science. Since graduating, I've mostly been devoted to being a community organizer working on climate change issues and sustainable energy for organizations such as the Idaho Sierra Club and Greenpeace. This work has led me to getting arrested for doing a sit-in at the White House to stop the Keystone XL pipeline and physically blocking an Arctic oil rig. Fun times!

Over the last few years I've taken a break from the world of organizing to pursue jobs in the great outdoors. Some of those "jobs" include, managing a remote backcountry hot springs in the Cascades Mountains and conducing amphibian surveys at high mountain lakes in the Selway-Bitterroot mountains. More recently I have cared for permanently injured owls and raptors in the Spokane Valley and worked for Idaho Parks and Recreation along with Nevada Division of State Parks as a Park Ranger. I hope to land a park/wilderness ranger job in the near future with the National Park Service.

My favorite outdoor activity is hiking/backpacking. The best backpack trip I've done so far was a 12-day 97-mile circumnavigation of Mount Rainier along the Wonderland Trail. I also greatly enjoy visiting hot springs and fire lookouts along with canoeing and kayaking. Other passions include photography and writing. You can read about some of my outdoor adventures by visiting my blog: www.jamesblakely.wordpress.com

Ian McBride

My name’s Ian McBride and I was born and raised right here in good ol’ Boise, Idaho. Life has been good for me here. When the weather is warm, I spend my days rock climbing and swimming around town. But when the air chills up and my knuckles freeze I travel north into the mountains to ski.

I now spend my elder years residing comfortably under a rock in the foothills with a worm named Phil and three large snails. In my new home I have learned that less is more and I now take great consideration with the gear I own. I pick only the best!

In the coming years I hope to begin surfing on the coast while simultaneously learning how to ice climb in the Cascades. Some other less important goals of mine include but are not limited to; moving to Washington, moving to Wyoming, moving to Chile, becoming a professional artist of some sort, and sky diving maybe.