How consignment works at the Boise Gear Collective

1. Use your gear and go play! Or, if it's just sitting around getting older by the day, proceed to step two.
2. Decide what you want to sell and then CLEAN IT! This is not your mommy's cleaning service! Clean gear is worth more money.
3. Pile all that gear in the car and bring it in to Boise Gear Collective.
4. We will agree on a selling price and have you sign a little piece of paper.
5. We'll do our best to sell your gear and get you money!

We run two seasonal consignment periods. A Summer and a Winter. The sooner you bring your gear in on that consignment period, the more days it has to sell. For example, if you have a pair of ski boots to sell and bring them to us on October 1st, they will have about 180 days to sell. If you bring them in on March 1st, they will have about 30 days. Make sense? We don't run a rigid 90 day period like most consignment stores do. It doesn't make sense for the seasonal business we run. We start taking Winter gear in September and Summer gear in February.

We run two sales a year, one at the end of each consignment period. The sale starts at 30% off and ends at 50% off. We'd like you to leave your items through the sale period, but they are eligible for pick up when the sale starts.

We communicate with you!

Many consignment shops leave it up to you to check in to see if your items sold and then remember when to pick them up. We send you emails when your items sell, when the sale starts and what it will look like, as well as a 14 day pick up notification at the end of the consignment period BEFORE your items become property of the store. You'll always know what is going on with your gear at Boise Gear Collective.

What do we charge for this awesome service?

The more your gear is worth, the less we take and the more ends up in your pocket. Rates are for individual items and not a cumulative total.

Our rates:

$0-$124.99=50% to you via check or 60% as in store credit.
$125.00-$249.99= 60% to you via check or 70% as in store credit.
$250-$499.99= 70% to you via check or 80% as in store credit.
$500-$999.99= 80% to you via check or 90% as in store credit.
$1000.00+= 85% to you via check or 95% as in store credit.

How do you get paid?

Well, let me tell you! Cause that's why you're doing this, right? You have three options. First, you can use your money as in store credit to buy more gear and we'll pay you a full 10% higher than taking a paycheck, and that's a good deal my friends. Not every consignment store offers this. Second, you can pick up a check in person for free after the 1st of month for all gear that sold in the previous month. Third, we can mail you a check for a $1.50 fee. Moving out of the country and need PayPal? We've done that too.

That's it! No hidden fees. No mystery on our website. It's all here for you. Just compare us and you'll see we have the most complete, upfront, and transparent consignment process in the Treasure Valley. See ya soon with tons of great gear!

Summer Most Wanted List

Complete Bikes

Boise Gear Collective has become THE place in the Treasure Valley to buy and sell used bikes. We move an absolute ton of them and every year we sell more than the last.

We also have an eBay option for the really nice stuff. We have the best rates in town by AT LEAST 10% for any bike priced more than $250.

We want ALL kinds! Mountain, road, tri, cross, cruiser, bmx, kids, vintage, old skool, new skool. We sell bikes that are $50-$3000. Some of the most desired bikes are mountain bikes with decent to good components and priced $400-$900. Those vaporize. We want all kinds of bikes! Except Wal-Mart bikes. Nobody should be riding on those things.

A note on consigning bikes. Please, please, please take at least 10 minutes to CLEAN IT!! I can't impress upon you enough that clean bikes sell faster for more money. It's worth your time. Also, please make sure tires are holding air for at least 24 hours before you bring the bike to us. We'll change a tube for you, but it will cost $15.

Bike Stuff

-Components-derailleurs, cassettes, cranksets, brakes, bars, stems, saddles, seatposts, wheels, tires.
-Helmets-in good condition with working buckles.

Camping Stuff

-Tents of all shapes, sizes, and weights. Backpacking and car camping tents alike.
-Sleeping Bags of all temps, shapes, and sizes.
-Sleeping pads
-Camping Cots
-Trekking poles
-Backpacks of all sizes but especially 60-80 liter multi day backpacks.
-Stoves of all shapes, sizes, and fuel types.
-Water filters
-Kelty kids carriers with the frame.
-Trekking poles
-Hiking clothing and accessories.
-Hiking boots of all sizes

Climbing Stuff

Tons of people are looking for used climbing stuff. Especially shoes. Protection must be in excellent condition. If you wouldn't climb on it, please don't bring it in. No ropes, please and thanks.

-Modern harnesses in great condition.
-Climbing cams (not rigid stem)
-Kids size climbing gear
-Bouldering pad

Electronics and Gadgets

-GPS units
-Bike computers
-Personal locator beacons

Rack Stuff

-Towers, clips, and locks.
-Bars of all lengths and shapes.
-Bike trays for roof mounts.
-Trunk mount bike racks for a hatchback or sedan.
-Hitch mount racks in both 1 1/8" and 2" receiver sizes.
-Roof baskets

Water Stuff

-Kayak and canoe paddles
-Dry boxes
-Dry bags
-Yeti or Pelican coolers
-Float bags
-Throw bags
-Dry suits
-Paddling and dry tops
-Wetsuits. Even old ones. The canyoneers love these.
-Chacos and Tevas

*We are no longer accepting boats and kayaks of any kind. We apologize.