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Backcountry Pursuit does everything right. My experience was nothing short of awesome! I ended up purchasing a bike from them and they hooked me up with such a good deal, along with great customer service. After making a purchase I went to them to sell my bike as well, after I saw how they interacted with their selling and buying of merchandise. Within 2 weeks they had my bike sold for the price I needed, and were great with communication during the whole process. I would highly recommend them from a buyer, or seller standpoint!

NEVER BUY ANYTHING NEW AGAIN! This place is awesome. I find all of my gear here, and I sell all of my gear here (you know, the gear that is replaced by the gear that I buy here!). The dudes that work up front are personable, friendly and tell it like it is. They have lots of knowledge on the gear itself as well as where to go use it. This place makes any other consignment shop feel like a ripoff. If you haven't already, check these guys out!

Seriously- the customer service doesn't get any better! The staff was friendly, very patient and SO helpful! I went in there without a clue as to what I needed for a bike rack with a car impossible to fit one on. They not only had one that matched the color of my car perfectly (a pretty unique shade) but came out and put it on for me, patiently explaining all the parts so that I may be able to do it on my own. The price was just right- a steal considering the customer service it came with. Thanks Backcountry Pursuit! This is one happy customer that will keep coming back. No wonder you came so highly recommended!

I've had a great experience consigning here! They are courteous, professional and the process is a piece of cake. With other shops I find myself wondering if my stuff has sold, but with Backcountry I don't have to wonder because they send email updates out to their consigners monthly. Great place and I highly recommend them!

This is a great used outdoor gear store. They consign your stuff that you don't need any longer, and sell you good stuff too. I brought two carloads of kayaking and camping gear in, and it hasn't even been a week, and most of it has sold.

I was especially impressed with the clothing selection. I've always had a tendency to only buy new, but that is a mistake when used prices on really high quality items are so much better. Especially from such a good store like this. From now on, I'll always hit this place up first when I need something. If you are the kind of person who is accustomed to handing over your entire paycheck to REI, try this place first

Great selection of quality goods, super prices that go down as the season changes, and friendly knowledgeable staff that wants you to get a good deal. Many times I've found deals that I couldn't afford to pass up...

I cleaned out my closets and have sold a bunch of clothing and footwear at Backcountry Pursuit. I could not be happier with the money I have received for my items as well as the customer service. A special thanks to Abe for all of his help!

Backcountry pursuit is a great little store that sells mostly secondhand gear. I've made a few purchases from the store and they have all been awesome. Check the store often, and you will make some good finds for a good price!

Check this place on a constant basis and all kinds of treasures show up and the prices are always fair. Highly recommended

Fantastic way to clean out the garage and pass on the outdoor stuff you have not used for a while to a good home. Tyson and his staff "Rock".

This store is awesome, they always have a great variety and lower prices than other used gear stores. Also, everyone who works there is great and really helpful! They definitely help you find what you're looking for and are honest about the quality of their products.

Employees here are awesome! Helped me out a ton, would recommend to anyone especially if you're looking for cheap gear that is still good quality!!

The guys that work here are great and friendly. They seem to know about everything I ask them about. I go to both locations because you never know what you will find. Downtown store is handy right next to the library and the Eagle store is right next to Chicago Connection. I go there before heading to REI, etc. Give them a try!

I have been taking in old gear for the last few years and my credits build up so fast I shop for free. We have bought bike stands, backpack equipment, and lots of clothes that are hardly used and much cheaper. Its the way to go, plus you can clean out your garage.

Great place with fabulous service - from helping me figure out the best way to patch a hole in some gear to sending regular emails about when I've sold gear, they rock! I also highly recommend Backcountry Pursuit as a way to find great gear at affordable prices.

This store is awesome, the clothing is rad, and the staff is hilarious. As the great Elton John said, "let the hits keep coming." The prices are great too. 10/10 would recommend.

I live near Eagle so shop and sell at that location. The items are in great condition and prices are really in anyone's budget for quality used items. I have taken many items there to sell (ie kayak, a ski rack, hiking pants) and everything has sold!! The staff is friendly and helpful. I could not recommend a better place to shop locally!!

Wow, this place is great, pretty close to my ideal store. Excellent selection of gently used camping gear for prices comparable or better than eBay/Amazon, and you can try things on/see & hold them before purchase. They also have bikes (not cheap in quality or price) white water kayaks, clothes, snorkel gear, climbing gear, and other outdoor adventure equipment.

If you are looking to buy or sell used gear, Backcountry Pursuit is a great place to start. Their staff is very helpful and the store is chock full of great merchandise. Why buy new when you can recycle quality stuff?

Honestly every time we go in one or both of us come out with something awesome. Great customer service, friendly, totally choose them over any big retail store. They rock!!

Great used gear store, the staff are very helpful (not to mention funny as hell) and have quite a bit of local knowledge to share. Why buy new when you can recycle quality gear?

I love this place. They sell good, used equipment for reasonable prices. Everything is in really good shape and their prices beat other second hand stores. Also, the employees are knowledgeable about the gear and are very friendly and helpful.

Fabulous- locally owned business. They have a huge selection, really good brands and all their staff were wonderful.

I have worked in the Outdoor industry for a long time and I can honestly say Backcountry Pursuit knows what there doing. I have consigned lots of gear with them and they get it sold fast! Plus I have found many gems in the shop too. More gear shops should be like this one! Keep up the great work Tyson , Abe and the rest of the crew! This is what Boise needed, now go down and support these guys!

This store is a great resource! You can get a bunch of really great gear for a fantastic price, why buy full retail again??
Also when I walked out of the door with only half of my purchase, they tracked me down and made sure I got the rest, so that's really pretty awesome.

This store is the best!! If you need any new gear go here and they will hook you up, super knowledgeable, and friendly. They will sell your gear fast here if selling is what you need to do. I frequent the shop every couple of weeks and there is always new gear available. Best gear consignment shop in town!!!!

Great service and great people to deal with. I took in a variety of ski gear for the winter and it all sold for a fair price for me, a good deal for the buyer and made some money for Back Country Pursuits. A WIN ... WIN ... WIN.

If you're looking for any kind of outdoor gear you need to check this place out.
Great for buyers and sellers alike.
I love me some good used gear at a fair price and theBCP is always my first stop whenever I'm in Boise.
Thanks T.